Because I’m Human, An Anti-Bullying Poem



Because I’m Human

See me?

I’m a human

made of flesh and blood and feelings.

Because of this you can hurt me.

You can really hurt me.

You can call me names.

You can mock me.

You make up lies about me.

You can hit me.

You can spit at me.

You can make me feel lonely.

You can make me feel so angry.

You can make me cry.

You can make me feel

so much hate and confusion

that I never wanted to feel.

But I’m made of other, tougher stuff

as well because I’m human.

I’m made of Spirit and Love.

I’m made of Dancing.

Dancing teams up inside me

with Spirit and Love to make me strong and outlasting.

Dancing united with Spirit and Love

throws all the hate and the mockery out of my heart.

Dancing together with Spirit and Love sings freedom songs to me:

Sometimes you land in a good place and sometimes you land in a bad.

Sometimes your Mondays are happy. Sometimes your Fridays are sad.

Oh Life is a spiral, life is a whirl,

life is a merry-go round.

The world is made of fire and wind

and we’re all just blowing around.

The hurt, the craic, the pucks, the hugs:

They all take turns. They all move on.

They all come down to chance.

You can learn and grow past anything;

it’s all just steps in the dance.

I’ll dance on by you with my freedom

the way the wind blows by a ruin.

I’ll forget you like the wind

forgets every cruel thing under the sun.

And I’ll be free and dancing

when I’ve long forgotten you.

I’ll be dancing with my freedom

because that’s what humans do…


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26 thoughts on “Because I’m Human, An Anti-Bullying Poem

  1. I heard your poem on Pick of the Week [RTE] this morning and want to say that it is one of the best anti bullying poems I have heard. I work with young people and have just performed a devised piece on bullying – this poem was better than any I have read- love the description of ‘fighting’ back at the end of the poem. The end summarizes coping with living and not being a victim- ever! Thank you. Obvious you have been bullied and you understand this issue so well. Loved the reference to dancing- very spiritual poem.


    1. David , here in the North, in schools we have a delegated Anti- bullying week. I would love to do this poem as a choral piece with a class to put on for assembly. Hope this is fine with you.


    2. Hi Elizabeth, yes of course, go ahead. maybe you could make a recording of it so I could hear it.


  2. Ma I have permission to use all or some of this poem in a dissertation I am writing on the subject of Conflict Resolution in schools in Ireland?


  3. I would like yo use your poem for a grade 8 music assignment, where the students create a piece of music that is linked to the poem’s mood or feeling directly, or their reaction to the poem, as well as create an oral presentation about how their piece of music reflects the poem. Hope this is okay. It is a wonderful poem.


    1. hi robin, of course i would be glad for you top do that. if possible maybe you could send me a recording and or some photos or footage of the students performing the work. what country are you in? we don’t have grade 8 in ireland.


  4. Hi
    I would like to use your poem with my second and third year English classes as part of their Junior cert course if that is okay with you?
    Thanks a million
    Niamh Shine


  5. A poem that teaches that life is full of wonderful and not so wonderful moments. An important lesson for teenagers and children who think that their life is over. Looking on the bright side and realising they have the strength to beat these idiots is part of what makes humans humans! Very good, David.


  6. I admire you and would appreciate using your poem to show to my class, read, analyze, and create their own poems about anti-bullying. Thank you for sharing and it would bring me great pleasure to have you at our school for workshop.


  7. It is a speech about bullying for my class and it is for my English teacher. She wants us to find things ( poems,quotes,storys) about bullying and show it to the class. The point of this is to show that everyone who is bullied has a different story.


  8. Hi Dave,
    I teach English and we recently finished a novel in which bullying was one of the themes. I’d love to use this poem with my students to discuss the issue further. I hope this is okay.


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