Feed him and fuck him – how to keep your man, by TIna Pisco

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You can nail his boxers to a tree. It’s better if the tree is in your own garden, but if you don’t have a tree then go to the deepest part of the forest you can manage and nail it to a tree there. You want it to be hidden. You want it to rot away without anyone noticing it, or taking it down. Make sure that he has worn them. Take a good sniff before you start. Smell that scent and nail it to the tree. Make up your own spell was you hammer it in. The words don’t matter only the intent.

Take red cardboard (if don’t have any red cardboard you can use white cardboard that you have coloured in red. Crayons are fine. They are easy, quick and won’t make a mess), scissors ,a candle, two cups of sugar, a tea spoon of dill, a tea spoon of basil, a bowl or a saucer. Make a small doll in the shape of your man. If you can weave some of his hair into the doll, the spell will be more effective. Think of your man as you make the doll. Don’t think of how much you love him, or how much you want him to love only you. Love has nothing to do with it. Think only of what he looks like. The more detail the better. Pour the sugar in the saucer. Stand the doll and the candle in the sugar. Sprinkle the dill and basil in a banishing motion (counter-clockwise) as you light the candle and voice your intent. Dispose of the doll as you see fit by burning, burying, or throwing it into running water.

You can take a pair of your own (worn) knickers and rub the crotch on his coat, his jacket, or the inside of his car. Think of it as a pheromone fence, keeping other women out. You can slip a finger into your punani while he’s sleeping, and rub your scent behind his ear lobes. This is a very potent spell. It will not only repel other women, it will make him want you more.

You can do great spell-work with food. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is a misnomer. His heart has nothing to do with it. His stomach is his home, not his heart. Feed his home. Find a pie he likes. Be creative. Make it from apples from your garden, or blackberries bursting with summer sunshine that stained your mouth and fingers when you picked them. Try a chocolate ganache, or a key lime pie. Individual tarts work very well. Cheesecake counts as pie. Quiche could be considered a pie, but I’ve never heard of anyone using it in a spell. However, it is worth using trial and error until you find which pie is your man’s sweet spot. Bake him the right pie and he will never stray. Drizzle custard on it. His simple nature will respond. He will not stray.

Smile and smile and smile again. Keep him drowsy and sated. Fuck him and feed him. Feed him and fuck him. Fuck him and feed him. Feed him and fuck him. Fuck him and feed him. Feed him and fuck him. Fuck him and feed him. Feed him and fuck him. Fuck him and feed him. Feed him and fuck him. Fuck him and feed him. Feed him and fuck him. Fuck him and feed him. Smile and smile and smile again. Repeat.

Take two red candles, and place them beside a picture of you and a picture of your man, pinned to a circle you have cut out of red cardboard (see above for using white cardboard). Write your intention on the back of the card. Wait for the day before the full moon. Place the candles and pictures on a windowsill so that the moonlight falls in the space between the two pictures. Call to your spirits to intercede. Circle the whole thing with salt. Repeat every night until the moon starts to wane. Return the card and pictures to Nature by burning, burying, or throwing it into running water. The spell is particularly recommended to keep a man who has returned after an absence.

Tattoos don’t work. You would think that carving your name on his skin, or his name on your skin, would be powerful magick, but it isn’t. The record shows that tattoos have no power to bind, though a recent study of tattooists seem to indicate that they may have some effect if they work directly on a loved one. Carving his name on a stone or bit of wood, and then burying it on the property works very well, but beware: he will be anchored to that place. Should you want to move, he will stay behind.

You can make a sigil of your intentions. Be careful to state only one at a time and to be positive and very specific: “Stay with me” is better than “Don’t leave me” . “Never stray” is too vague and could back-fire ( see carving his name on a stone). Commit your sigil to memory. Copy your sigil on a piece of paper (the colour is unimportant) and slip it under his pillow. Run him a bath. Put fresh sheets on the bed. Light candles in the bedroom. Give him a massage with oils. When he is ready, flip him over and straddle him. Close your eyes and concentrate on the sigil. Connect it to the sigil under his pillow. Time your orgasm so that you visualise the two sigils linked by a silver thread passing through his head at the moment of release.

Simultaneous orgasm makes this spell very compelling, but can take some practice.

Even the best spell work can be undermined by nagging. Stay sweet. Smile and smile and smile again. Keeping him happy is the best defence. These spells will work best in the right environment. Try your own variations. Seasonal touches can be highly effective.

These spells are powerful magick. Use them wisely and your man will not stray. Remember also that though he will not leave you, there is no guarantee that he will love you. There is no spell for love.

Tina Pisco