1990 by Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz


I don’t want leaders that tell lies

I don’t want Messiahs in luxury cars

I don’t want businessmen

That sell the country

As if she were a whore

I don’t want to wash my hands

Every time somebody’s

Sent to be slaughtered

I don’t want to turn my head

When Justice spreads her legs

For the highest bidder

I don’t want to sit in the dock

Nor be the judge that passes sentence

I’m not to blame for anything

And I’m to blame for everything

My life is the life

Of he who possesses nothing

Save a few personal experiences

That walks beneath the sun

With no protection

Other than my growing indignation

My life is the life

Of he who opens his eyes and sees

A country that unravels

Due to lack of interest

A nation of swindlers and thieves

That flagellates herself

That robs herself

That cheats herself

translated by Dylan Brennan