I want Palestinians to die, by Christopher Ben Kushka

I want Palestinians to worry
which career to choose?
where to go on vacation, which country to travel to first?

I want Palestinians to despair
over the sun having set already
when they arrive at the beach to BBQ with family and friends

I want Palestinians toddlers and kids to cry
over a broken toy
and then to stroll on to another day full of adventures

I want Palestinians to battle
the challenges inside their own society
in a country based on justice and rights and peace
with none of us well-meaning friends interfering

I want Palestinians to die
a calm death
after a fullfilled and dignified life
after doing the deeds and praying the prayers
and working the work and
watching the next generations grow and prosper

a calm death they shall die
with a smile on their face
and an Alhamdulillah! on their lips

“One week into the Gaza massacre last year, I wrote and posted this poem. A friend of mine posted it yesterday on his timeline. Only to be informed today that it has been taken down (reported?) by facebook because it violates their standards. Judge your own.
‪#‎facebookfail‬ ‪#‎developsomepoeticliteracy‬ ‪#‎palestine‬ — feeling I´d be giggling if it wasn´t so absurd.”

Christopher Ben Kushka