We were really drunk, by Kerrie O Brien

We were really drunk but I know I saw it and I dropped my can and then he saw it and he fell on the beach. There was somethin’ comin’ out of the sea in a red hood really slow and staggerin’ and I could barely see it ‘cos it was three in the mornin’ and I was locked and it was so, so freezin’ that everythin’ was all misty. I hate Bray. And Cal was still on the ground and I was tryin’ to help him up but I got all caught in him so we were both tumblin’ all over the place on the sand, then clingin’ to each other, lookin’ at the creature then at each other again. It looked like a young girl, her hair all down over her face and her arms were up in the air like she was givin’ it loads at a concert and she was still walkin’ all strange, kinda like she was jumpin’ on steppin’ stones. Cal and I stood up and ran towards the sea, then stopped and ran back and hid behind a rock, smokin’ madly and peepin’ from behind it all wide eyed. Yer one was all scary lookin’ like she could be properly mental and she was only wearin’ a hoody and tiny shorts. I was shakin’ like mad cos I was all tired and I was comin’ down but there was no way I was leavin’ and maybe she was a zombie mermaid and I wasn’t missin’ that. She was nearly on the sand now and she put her arms down and looked around her like she just copped that she was on a beach. And she stumbled a bit more and started walkin’ back into the waves for a bit but the she spun around again then knelt down into the sand and started crawlin’ around real quick like a mad crab. I think she was lookin’ for somethin’. Then she let a big wail out of her. ‘Me phoooooone. Ah jaysus where’s me phooooone.’ So me and Cal sort of crept towards her and started callin’ out to her. ‘You alright love? Hey, hey you alright?’ We shouted it about a million times until she looked at us with one eye all bleary and she suddenly looked real serious. ‘I can’t find me jaysusin phone.’ Then she started throwin’ up loads but then she was grand so we rang the phone – you could hear it miles up the beach and Cal went off to find it. I asked her what she was doin’ out here on her own. ‘I had a fight me boyfriend, do ye have any smokes do ye?’ ‘But what were you doin’ in the sea love?’ ‘I was tryin’ to kill meself but then it got all cold, it’s real cold isn’t it? Do ye have a light?’ And I gave her matches and put my arm around her ‘cos it was mad cold like.

Kerrie O Brien