‘These poems are a refusal to let disappearance become a weapon. These poems weave themselves in to that gap between ‘what happened’ and ‘why did this happen’. They try out answers to those questions which are meant to soothe rather than to silence. These poems are melancholy, to be sure, and sometimes manic: cold air and dust-clouds, ash, fog and erasure, spangled pugs on broke-up sidewalks, giant public-transport scorpions, shadows, echoes. But they are too fierce, too serrated to remain mere expressions of mood. These poems are fragmentary. They shatter on the ear. They shunt hard up and down between registers. They yell. They wail. They sob. They never stop. They wear black. They cannot go on like this. They are here because so many are not. They are what poetry always tries to be: speech in search of the absent.’

Featuring work by: Alejandro Ortiz González, Arturo Loera, Audomaro Hidalgo, Carmen Zenil, César Cortés Vega, Chary Gumeta, Cristina Arreola Márquez, David Guillermo Soules, Dylan Brennan, Edgar Lacolz, Edwin A. García, Francisco Aguilar Rosas, Francisco Zetina, Grau Hertt, Horacio Lozano Warpola, Irene Vega, Jocelyn Pantoja, Krsna Sánchez, Lauri García Dueñas, Leticia Luna, Livia Radwanski, Luis Bugarini, Manuel de J. Jimenez, María Cristina Fernández Hall, Mariana González Quintero, Mariana Rodríguez Espinoza, Martha Rodríguez Mega, Miguel Santos, Mónica Hernández, Roberto Peredo, Sarah Mendoza, Víctor Argüelles, Vivian Sanchbraj, Yaxkin Melchy and Zazil Alaíde Collins.

A bilingual, digital anthology, edited and published by Mexico City Lit. Design concept by Vetro Editions. Free download at www.mexicocitylit.com