Greek Socialist Statement on the Referendum

Government should get back all concessions.

We need a united front for cancelling the debt – No to EU and Nationalise the BANKS

The government has announced a referendum. The massive resistance to compromise with the blackmailers of the IMF and the EU forced the Government not to sign an agreement.

This development is a step forward for all those who fought and fight against the old and new Memoranda.

The dockers who went on strike against the sellout of Piraeus, hospital workers who went on strike asking for money and more recruits for Health, the thousands that came out against the agreement – this is the force that said no to blackmail – no to compromise .

Now we must continue to struggle against the EU and those staying loyal to the Troika and Memoranda. On Sunday vote a massive No to the Agreement.

But do not stop there.

We demand that the government of the Left proceed directly to the implementation of the promises given to the labour movement to get elected.

Cancel the old and new Memoranda, work for the unemployed, increases in wages and pensions, money for schools, hospitals, municipalities, pension funds.

The money to fund them should come from

• Cancel the debt – Here and now, without exceptions.

• Nationalization of all banks

• By leaving the Euro and the EU and embarking on a struggle for workers control.

In this battle we have support from the working class throughout Europe, who have held rallies against the EU and the IMF in all major cities.
What is needed is the strengthening of the revolutionary left. To fight together to overturn the Agreement and make way for a new society without the burdens of bankrupt capitalism.

Do not stop the fight against extortionists and compromises.