Joan Burton and Solidarity

Cunning Hired Knaves

The other day, Joan Burton, deputy Prime Minister of the Irish government, and leader of the Irish Labour Party, said

“Solidarity with Greece comes at a price”.

Joan Burton’s remarks are very similar to the recent words of Spanish Prime Minster, and political descendent of dictator Francisco Franco, Mariano Rajoy. He said, on the matter of Greek debt:

“it is one thing to show solidarity, but it is quite another to show solidarity in exchange for nothing.”

On RTÉ radio with Sean O’Rourke the other morning, Joan Burton sought to draw a distinction between a debt write-off for Greece and the decision to write-off debt for Denis O’Brien.

She said –as O’Rourke asked her about a Dáil intervention from Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams- what hospital does Gerry Adams imagine we would take €350m or €1bn away from?

As Burton set about an incoherent lecture on international economics –some people are allowed…

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