#Liveline and RTÉ, the anti-public public broadcaster

Cunning Hired Knaves


Earlier this afternoon I caught part of a discussion on Liveline, the phone-in show on RTÉ, Ireland’s public broadcaster. There was an Irish woman called Susan, who was married to a Greek person. She was outlining her view, in the most trenchant and animated fashion, on the Syriza government, and the situation in Greece more generally, in light of yesterday’s seismic No vote in the referendum on whether to accept the Troika proposals of more austerity without debt write-downs.

There were three other people engaged in the discussion, Trevor Hogan the former rugby international, and Eamonn Walsh, the former Dublin South West TD for Labour, both of whom were sympathetic to the No vote and the position of the Syriza government, and another woman, whose name I did not catch, who also appeared sympathetic.

One of the considerations to the fore was the idea that Ireland ought to contribute in…

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