Apartment Block by Adam Wyeth at The New Theatre

Apartment Block
directed by Noelia Ruiz performed by Jed Murray and George Hanover

2.30pm Aug 8th at the New Theatre.

Tickets: FREE, but a suggested donation of €2 would be welcomed

A rehearsed reading of a new domestic drama.

About the Playreading:

Apartment Block is a domestic drama about a couple, James and Lillian, whose lives are disrupted after Lillian meets their mysterious neighbour, Richard.

Delving into the vicissitudes of relationships, Apartment Block is a tango of mirrors and cloak-and-dagger dialogue, exploring ontological ideas on how couples reflect and absorb one another. At the heart of the piece a dark recollection of abuse partially comes to light revealing how James and Lillian may have really met. Full of serpentine, stichomythia and erotic entanglements, Apartment Block is a minefield of double meanings and mind games, which cuts through the labyrinth of identity with a double-edged sword.

Adam Wyeth