On Zionist Anti-Semitism

I see some people are using the hashtag ‪#‎JewishTerror‬ over the murder of Ali Saad Dawabsheh.

This atrocity provides the clearest example possible of how the Zionist apartheid state of Israel works.

The “Jewish Terror” line is from the Israeli Defence Forces, the absolute bedrock of the dispossession of the Palestinian people.

The political line is so obvious – there are fundamentalist terrorists all over the place: there are Muslim terrorists, there are Christian terrorists, there are even – we are sorry to say – Jewish terrorists.
So, just as we fight the Hamas terrorists, we will bring to justice the Jewish terrorists.

That is their line. It is the line of all imperialist states when they have to try to deal with an event like this. They absolve themselves of responsibility for what they will then call ‘a mad man’ or ‘a pack of lone wolves’ or something.

This is not about in any way giving backhanded relativisation to the genocidal settlers on the West Bank. It is to point out that the policy of the Israeli state is to put those murderous racists on the West Bank in ever larger numbers. In order to drive out the Palestinian inhabitants and to take their land.

Without the apartheid state, these settlers would be nothing. They can burn 18-month-old children to death only *because* of the apartheid state – and in furtherance of the aims of the Zionist project.
Sometimes it is many Muslim friends who are at pains to point out to a minority with less understanding that those who say Jewish Terror are mistaken (it usually is a mistake, sometimes worse). Because Judaism does not equal Zionism.

This time it is very different and ought to be clear what is going on. The people who are saying “Jewish” when the proper word is “Zionist” are the IDF and the Israeli state.

There is a long history to this. Hardline, political Zionists have historically been prepared to sow what can be dangerously anti-Semitic confusions. In that way, they can pose as the enlightened champions against both anti-Semitism and “Jewish” extremism, or fundamentalist religiosity (as in literal adherence to scriptural texts). They can say that Israel is no different from any other state. It too has, unfortunately, some extremists. To use a Christian metaphor – we all have our crosses to bear.

This is a particular form of reactionary ideology. It is ‪#‎ZionistAntisemitism‬. Its political purpose is to exculpate ‪#‎ZionistTerror‬.

Our movement today, I believe, is in a position to do two things:

1) to gather in its structures – formal and informal – to plan strategically how we can enhance all the forms of solidarity with Palestine before the simmering Third Intifada boils over, not afterwards and waiting for it

2) seize this moment of blatant attempted manipulation by the Israeli state of Ali’s murder to educate much wider layers about what the Zionist project is, how it works and how an internationalist and anti-imperialist movement can break it.

Kevin Ovenden