14 unreleased Nirvana demos mysteriously surface online — listen

Consequence of Sound

Over the weekend, over a dozen previously unheard Nirvana alternate mixes and demo takes inexplicably made their way online.

Intrepid Reddit users (via Stereogum) have meticulously combed through the tracks and pulled out as much information as they could. Though the source of the material is unclear, here’s what we do know: Included in the 14 songs are at least four outtakes from the band’s infamous Sound City sessions: a “Sappy” outtake, a new “Verse Chorus Verse” mix, and two versions of “Old Age”.

The collection also includes a 1993 version of “Heart-Shaped Box” that contains a longer guitar solo, as well as demos of “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die”, “Scentless Apprentice”, and an alternative take on their Velvet Underground cover, “Here She Comes Now”.

There’s a whole lot to dive into, so check it all out below. Many of the songs are preceded by thorough descriptions provided via Reddit user r1ckyh1mself.


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