THE HIGHEST EXPRESSION OF THE DIVINE: Anne Cuneo’s ‘Tregian’s Ground’, translated by Louise Rogers Lalaurie and Roland Glasser

Glasgow Review of Books

Anne Cuneo, Tregian’s Ground: The Life and Sometimes Secret Adventures of Francis Tregian, Gentleman and Musician, translated by Louise Rogers Lalaurie and Roland Glasser (And Other Stories, 2015)

By S.J.L.Constantine

The late Anne Cuneo’s work traversed all boundaries of genre, wending its way incessantly between historical fiction and journalism, and alighting at all interim stops. Her last, and posthumously, published novel, Tregian’s Ground is an unparalleled contribution to the Bildungsroman genre, currently being dominated by novelists such as Faulks and Boyd. It is perhaps surprising that, originally published in French as Le Trajet d’une Rivière in 1993 and winner of the coveted Prix des libraries in 1995 (celebrating the best Francophone work each year), the translation has only just appeared this year. But, as shall become clear, Roland Glasser and Louise Rogers Lalaurie’s translation of the quasi–biographical account of the extraordinary Tregian is well worth the wait.

Francis Tregian…

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