Enola Gay – seventy years on

Enola Gay – seventy years on

Fashioned in the United States.

Pilot Tibbets names you for his mother.

Gargantuan silver bullet torso

Beautiful and sleek

Archaeopteryx of the atomic age

Now a fossil in Washington’s Smithsonian Museum

A sinister glint, curious against an uncluttered, blue Pacific sky

Your burnished aluminium coat conceals

The condensed potion that will

Vaporise the corporeal by the thousands; douse the wretched remnants

in black, radioactive rain

(weather permitting)

All clear

8.15 am you deliver Little Boy; Hiroshima, your nest

A culinary nightmare heralded by a dazzling, soundless flash;

a brain searing boom;

an inferno heated to a hellish sixty million degrees

challenging Dante at his grisly height;

the signature dish; a mushroom cloud.

It will be served up for generations

A recurring nightmare

To keep us all in check.

© Copyright Berni Dwan 2015

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