POETS Vs MUSICIANS! at Dalymount Park, a fundraiser for WordWorks. @LingoFestival

A fundraising football battle of epic proportions!

Dalymount Park 3pm Sunday 30th August.

Poets. Tired of the bad press you get? Want to put paid to the cliche that poets are lazy, unfit, shrinking violets that would blow over in a weak breeze, and couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag? This is the arena to prove it! Dust off your boots and join the eh, best footballing men and women the poetry world has to offer!

Musos – Rock and Roll, Punk, Rap, Crystal Swing – you lot take no messing! Unlike the poets, your rep is that you play HARD! Prove it! Stick your name down to defend your honour and reputation as the mad bastards of the arts world!

Matches will take place in the legendary DALYMOUNT PARK! Home of FAI juggernaut Bohemians FC and one time home ground of the Republic of Ireland.

There’ll be a full bar, craic and an open mic after the games – if you still have some energy!

This is a charity event. Player registration fee is 10euros. A coupla quid more than your regular five-a-side match. And all money raised will fund ‘The WORD-WORKS’ Lingo’s Workshop Programme for young people.

Free admission, if you promise not to laugh at the worst knees Dalymount has ever seen – donations accepted at the door.

With Thanks to Lewis Kenny and John Cummins.