Album Review: Dr. Dre – Compton

Consequence of Sound

We never really wanted Detox anyways. Dr. Dre revealed that he had between 20 to 40 songs for that project. The two we heard inspired little confidence. “Kush” was a percussive club effort that was ephemeral at best. The Eminem-featuring “I Need A Doctor” was more moribund than anthemic. The songs weren’t just underwhelming: They painted a weird portrait. Dr. Dre’s legacy has been secured long before Eminem rolled through in a Benz looking hotter than a set of twin babies. Yet, for some reason, we were getting awkward attempts at bangers, as if Dr. Dre was clinging to relevance.

But N.W.A had to break before transmuting P-Funk into lowrider-friendly G-funk on The Chronic. The Aftermath had to fail before the next episode finally came and Eminem was unleashed. Dre’s failings post-2001 weren’t as ignominious. Would Detox truly have sucked? No one knows except Dr. Dre, who’s likely to…

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