Don’t just turn the dial, smash it. The Irish Countermedia – My Top 5

by Dave Lordan

Ireland is developing a vigorous, diverse, courageous, and freely accessible counter-media across and between the mediums of print, online text/graphics, and online video content

The rude health of the indie media scene here is currently being demonstrated by the complete inability of Denis O Brien to shut down public discussion of his very interesting affairs. This discussion – of vital importance to our understanding of both the present and recent past in Ireland – is effectively banned from appearing on the licensed and commercial stations and the mainstream papers. Nevertheless, due to the impressive efforts of our burgeoning counter-media,  this vital discussion is taking place, and many thousands of people are participating in it and accessing it one way or another.

It is possible to imagine a situation, in the not too distant future, when the faith of the majority in the usefulness of The Irish Times or RTE 1 as sources of good information collapses entirely, as majority faith in the Catholic Hierarchy has so very recently collapsed. Indeed, the gaping contrast between the experience of hundreds of thousands of people taking part in water-charges protests and the extreme pro-establishment bias of the mainstream media coverage of the protests means such a total, irreversible collapse could be well underway already.

This newly critical and alternative-seeking mass audience, together with the increasing brazenness and sophistication of Irish counter media, means a whole new world of possibility is opening up – a mass countermedia world in which professionally mediated information on all aspects of our affairs is freed from the influence of Tycoons, Career Bureaucrats, and Corporations and is available to all. In the meantime, checkout the five outlets below and help them all out by spreading the word however you can:

Rabble – pioneers of irish counter media – a newspaper (with online presence) with great, varied content and graphics and a nationwide network of distributors and contributors. – Up to date, user generated, top quality, good craic – worth checking  in on a couple of times a day

Waterford Whispers – Ireland’s world-class contribution to the satirical news genre. Sharply hilarious. Wicked. Unpredictable.

Trade Union TV (part of Union Solidarity International). Youtube channel that is an engine of dynamic video content from across the surprisingly large and diverse social justice movement in Ireland.

Socialist Worker – Colourful Online paper of SWP, an old dog on the block but still plenty of good, stridently argued political writing that it would be foolish to miss out on.