Summer Labour brings no profit: Constituency-level analysis of the Sunday Times-Behaviour & Attitudes opinion poll (16th August 2015)

Irish Elections: Geography, Facts and Analyses

Adrian Kavanagh, 15th August 2015 

Tomorrow sees another poll in the monthly series of Sunday Times-Behaviour & Attitudes opinion polls. There are mixed messages for the government parties in this opinion poll. After a series of poor results in the July opinion polls, Fine Gael are seen to gain some notable ground in this poll, but Labour lose two percentage points in terms of their estimated support levels/ The notable trend here marks a reversal of the patterns evident in last month’s Behaviour & Attitudes poll, with the Independents and Others grouping losing ground in this poll to Fine Gael and the two largest Opposition parties. This Sunday Times-Behaviour & Attitudes poll estimates party support levels as follows (and relative to the previous such Sunday Times-Behaviour & Attitudes poll): Independents and Others 28% (down 4%) (Green Party 2% (up 1%), Fine Gael 27% (up 3%), Fianna Fail 20% (up 2%), Sinn Fein 19% (up 2%)…

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