30 Charles Bukowski Quotes That Prove No One Is Completely Bad Or Good

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I have recently been exposed to an upsurge of people who have absolutely no idea who Charles Bukowski is. As someone who is constantly devouring Bukowski poetry, these confessions are poison to my ears. Some people call Charles Bukowski abused and misunderstood. Others say he’s a misogynistic, narcissistic, alcoholic asshole. Personally, I like to think of Bukowski as someone who has a little bit of everything bad and everything good about society dumped into the very depths of his soul: mixed in, stirred up, lit on fire and left to explode. His pieces are some of the most honest, tragic and beautiful of all the American writings I’ve ever experienced. A simple Google search will lead to copious amounts of articles listing Bukowski’s best quotes, but here’s a compilation of Bukowski quotes you may have never seen before. (Some of these quotes are excerpted from poems, novels and short stories; don’t hate me…

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