Some Recent Reading: Short Reviews

Elliptical Movements

Small things are the life blood of poetry: small presses, small chapbooks and little magazines all provide opportunities for younger poets to get published and for more established writers to find readers. Of course, the question of funding is a perennial problem, and one that has been exacerbated in recent years as financial crises have led to reductions in state arts funding. Publishers and poets have responded to this challenge in a variety of interesting ways as new models have been forced upon them.

cover-cartoonkid-FINAL-190x300Telltale Press is a cooperative venture dedicated to the production of small pamphlets that act as poetic ‘calling cards’ for their writers. Poets pay into a fund that is used to cover the press’s costs and also pool expertise and mutual support as they put out their first publications. If When Love Came to The Cartoon Kid by Siegfried Baber is anything to go by, the results…

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