Playlist: Composer Raymond Deane’s Top 10 Piano Trios

Raymond Deane

The piano trio is a piece of instrumental chamber music written for piano and two other instruments, usually violin and cello. For those who are curious about classical music the piano trio genre – playful, deeply melodic, diverse – is an excellent way to work one’s way in to the perhaps off-puttingly vast classical repertoire, to learn about and compare the work of the many great composers who wrote/write piano trios, to observe the development of a form of music over the centuries. The Bogman’s Cannon asked composer Raymond Deane to put together a Top 10 list for us. Raymond’s own work for piano trio is Marche oubliée (1996). Composed for the Schubert Ensemble of London, it is one of three pieces making up his Macabre Trilogy, the other two being Seachanges (with danse macabre) and Catacombs. Here is a performance available on YouTube:

Raymond Deane’s Top 10 Piano Trios

Fergus Johnston: Piano Trio (2012)

(Fergus Johnston is an Irish composer born in 1959. This piece can be heard on Souncloud: