The Needle In The Groove – on Getting into Vinyl, by Jazz DJ Billy O hAnluain

billy and miles

Billy O hAnluain hosts a weekly Jazz show An Nóta Gorm every Sunday on Raidio na Life. He has also worked as a DJ in many Dublin clubs and bars. He is a regular contributor to RTE’s Arts Tonight and Newstalk’s The Right Hook. He has previously worked with The Improvised Music Company and also as an independent Jazz promoter. This year he was invited to perform some spoken word pieces at Listen at The Wellington.

This piece Needle in the Groove, recorded by Mark Ellison, is a poetic and humourous ode to his life long passion for collecting vinyl records and features music by Blind Willie Mc Tell, Seán Ó Riada, Count Basie and others. It was first broadcast on Nova, Lyric FM last year.