Introducing the Debut Poetry Collection, JC and Kattle

Kate Ennals

AT The Edge Poems Kate Ennals20150826_151052

My father has been dead for twenty four years but this is the first time that I have truly wished that he was here for this…the launch of my first poetry collection. Odd, isn’t it? I suppose I say that because it shows how proud I am. I was surprised by this and it made me realise how often I try to suppress pride. Of course, the children are perfect in their own right, nothing to do with me. My cooking skills are inevitable after so much time at the stove. I inherited my positive characteristics and my weaknesses are my fault. And it goes on to undermine self belief. Every rejection I receive is much more poignant than an acceptance. The pleasure of having a poem published is much more fleeting that the pain of rejection!  And, look, see how easily I have diverted myself from saying how very excited and joyful, and proud…

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