Back to School (for the last time)

Back to school (for the last time)

And when you look into the

AstoundTeenagersing revelations that are contained

in the middle distance

Hold them close to your heart.

If you hold fast

They will not drown in the

deluge of facts

Voiced by the pedagogue

Dispensing ‘exam technique’

Smell the summer you left behind

With the trendy clothes that will be fashion history next year

but you had your finger on this season’s style pulse

and that’s all that matters.

Love the books you discovered

The music you now can’t live without

The movies that will define these months for ever

Celebrate the friendships; the ridiculously late nights

Remember turning over in the soft bed

Daylight forcing its way through curtains

While your ‘elders and betters’ shuffle paper in open plan offices

Despondently recapturing their own lost summer

Baffled by the diversion that inexplicably landed them here.

Shaking their heads, not to scraps of old songs

But to nagging and recurring regrets.

Maybe you heard a dog bark in the distance

A narky magpie or a docile pigeon

Maybe you heard a bus rumbling past;

The bus you’ll be getting to school, too soon

You were too lazy to be even curious

When post dropped through the door

Maybe it’s sunny out there; maybe it’s not

The light on your smart phone

Promises new adventures for this day

Perhaps you kept a diary or a ledger

Of the parties, the trips, romances (secret and public)

Who did what?

Their wake urgently dissected in coffee bars

Adrenaline rushing to a head faster than the froth machine

You will blush and giggle nervously

When you find it in ten years’ time

You’ve had your summer of love and affection;

romance and adventure;

laziness and welcome appointments

Now it’s your last year in school.

Please, please, please

Do what you love

Do it the very best you can;

Love doing it

You will achieve marvellous things.

Do not take advice from brash adults

who are so confident in dispensing their ignorance.

Listen more to those who question

than to those who have all the answers

In other words

Take charge of your dreams; nobody else will

Defend them bravely in the face of mundanity

And forge a route for them to thrive on

with every tool at your disposal.

©Copyright Berni Dwan 2015 –