Brendan Ogle

Let’s be fair here. But also let’s be honest. I don’t know Alan Kelly. But I know this. When politicians in Ireland move in circles of big corporate interests the results have not been good for us have they? Haughey, Ahern, Lowry, Lawlor, Dunlop, Burke….I could go on. Dodgy dealings have had to be exposed in multi million euro tribunals which have deemed there to have been much corruption but have not seen a single person jailed. We live in a country run by a corrupt grubby little body politic.

So Alan Kelly knows this. He is highly intelligent, well educated and his Brother heads up a multi billion (yes you read that right) corporation in New York which gives advice to corporate heavy hitters in secret and also has significant interests in water around the world.

Are we, in corrupt tribunal Ireland not entitled to know why Alan ended up in charge of, of all things, water?

Why would the citizens of a state which has been screwed by corrupt politicians accept this as just a coincidence? Knowing what he knows, what his contacts are, what we have gone through with corruption in the past and how these things work would the clever thing not have been for him to avoid water issues like a barge pole?

And why are the media not asking these questions in the public interest?