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karl parkonson

Karl Parkinson is one of Ireland’s most inspiring and in-demand writing workshop facilitators, with  experience and expertise in working with youth-clubs, disadvantaged schools, and community groups.

Karl has worked successfully with the JCSP, Dublin City Libraries, Poetry Ireland, The Swan Youth Project, Upstart Collective, Inspireland, Lingo Festival, Bray Institute of education, Block T and Many schools and youth work projects in Ireland.

Teaching Testimonials

Watching the young people perform their performance poetry after working with Karl for a week was one of the most special moments of my life. I stood like a proud parent as each of the 19 young people delivered individual and group performances that blew my socks off.  In front of a packed outdoor amphitheatre, they held their heads high, projected confidence and talents newly discovered thanks to Karl. The most reluctant at the start of the week became the most enthusiastic by the end. Karl has a gift for tapping into young people’s inner poet and creative. And teaches them how to use their talents to entertain, but more importantly find their own voice. Can’t recommend Karl enough as a facilitator who young people will love and crowds will applaud.

Richard Harris, Upstart Collective.

I worked with Karl Parkinson and 20 secondary school students from our  
school, Beaufort College, as part of a 6 week creative writing  
programme. The students had a varied range of talents and abilities.  
The atmosphere that Karl creates allowed for inclusion of all students  
equally. This was very important for our school. I found Karl really  
easy to work with and appreciated his gentle, supportive and easy  
manner with our students. His own work was fantastic and really helped  
students to experience the exuberance and celebration of performance  

Eileen McDermott, Beaufort College.

Karl Parkinson worked with a group of first and second year students in our library over an eight week period as part of a performance poetry initiative.

Over the course of the initiative Karl built up a great relationship with the students and shared with them the skills needed to write and perform poetry.

At the end of the programme the students had grown in confidence to such an extent that 8 of them performed and recorded their poems with the help of Karl.

I would highly recommend Karl for any similar programmes and hope to work with him again here in the future.

Joe Kelly

JCSP Librarian

Trinity Comprehensive School

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Phone: 085-2333767.