Photo – US Warplanes still refuelling in Shannon

military plane
On Tuesday 1st September at about 9am a US Navy transport plane was being refuelled at Shannon airport, and being protected by the Irish Defence Forces and Gardaí. It was a C40 type aircraft number 8980 capably of carrying troops or military war materials. The refusal by the Irish Government to search such aircraft so as to confirm that they are not in breach of international laws on neutrality means that no such military aircraft should be allowed land on Irish territory, and if they do land, for example in an emergency, and are found to be carrying war materials or soldiers on their way to war, then, under customary international laws, these aircraft and their military passengers should be arrested and interned for the duration of such war. Ironically the duration of the present U.S. Led war on Terror could go on for decades, because instead of the promised quick “surgical strikes” on Afghanistan and Iraq, the US has plunged the Middle East and North Africa into ongoing and growing chaos. The present dreadful refugee crisis is a very direct result of US-led unjustified aggression.

On Thursday 3rd September at about 1pm an OMNI air war plane probably carrying up to 300 armed US troops was being refuelled at Shannon airport. The Irish Government has admitted that such aircraft are frequently carrying the personal weapons for each of the US soldiers on board, and in spite of this being in clear breach of the Hague Convention on neutrality, our Government still claims, even in its latest Irish Defence White Paper that Ireland is pursuing a policy of military neutrality. Our Minister for Defence and the Irish Government are lying when they knowingly make such false statements.

Edward Horgan