Karl Parkinson’s Playlist Of Fearless Artists.

It seems to me that most mainstream artists and in-particular musicians of the day are incredibly silent on anything that might harm their image, career, fan-base. Their only protest is a rant when they don’t win an MTV award or one of their pals doesn’t. A twitter spat is the height of their controversy.  Safe is the overarching all encompassing word that comes to mind about almost all of the big names, bland and boring come a close third and second.  So here’s a playlist of some artists who actually took a stand, who weren’t afraid to speak up, fearless artists who let the voice of inspiration speak through them, without fear. May we all be inspired to do likewise if the time shall ever come.

Fight The Real Enemy:

Start A Riot, Look at those poor kiddies!

Fight The Power!!

Play From Your Heart Children:

Never Forget that

A Poet Speaks

I see myself as a revolutionary

Body Art:

I’ll Sing with Them:

Remember Now Folks: