Frontline report from Calais “Jungle’ from Liverpool Imam Adam Kelwick

Adam Kelwick


Please share this message and let everbody know what’s really going on with the refugee crisis in Calais.

We have just returned from ‘the jungle’.

Any individual, organisation or government who claims that the refugees in Calais have their needs taken care of is spreading LIES!

I feel upset that people are discouraging others from coming here to help.

We went deep in to what looked like some of the poorest parts of the world I’ve ever visited, I had to remind myself I was in Europe in 2015. People there were fleeing wars from Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria and many other countries.

This is a summary of the ‘help’ they are receiving:

– 3 hour queue for 1 meal per day (yes, only ONE!!!!).

– 2 hour queue for a six minute shower

– 6 hour queue to receive one painkiller or one anti-biotic capsule.

– 20 toilets for the whole male members of the camp (of about 3000 people)

– The charities on the ground here are also struggling and don’t distribute food, clothing or supplies inside the jungle in any systematic way, rather they distribute from a church which is a very long distance away or drop things off at the perimeter of the jungle and it becomes chaotic with people rushing to snatch whatever they can and many don’t receive anything.

– The majority of the people we met today were wearing either flip-flops or sandals and had no socks.

– Conditions for women and children are a little better (Although I wouldn’t wish upon any human I know.) They stay in a gated camp some have basic rooms in a run down building and some camp out around the building. No men are allowed in and so our friend Jen has been invited in tomorrow and we’ll put updates here in sha Allah.

In the meantime, encourage everyone you know to come down and help in any way they can. We are going to find out more about the camp tomorrow and hopefully meet some of the charity workers based here. We will also try and get a map of the jungle, recognise key people there and produce a list of the things needed the most from the perspective of the refugees themselves.

We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow in sha Allah.

Keep us in your prayers and on behalf of the needy people here THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GENEROSITY. We’ve seen so many smiles today and haven’t even started our work!