The Bogman’s Cannon Top 10 Fancy Ramblers

the ramblersOne cannot fix one’s eyes on the commonest natural production without finding food for a rambling fancy.
– Jane Austen

The Bogman’s Cannon has a global network of fancy ramblers, all of them up to very interesting things. Read our current Top 10 ramblers below – and if you are a rambler with something unique to share contact us at

Sheila Armstrong teaches and parties in rural Columbia

Elizabeth Murray smiles to hide the sad in Cambodia

Tim McGabhann in Mexico on the AYOTZINAPA massacre, one year on.

Eamonn Sheehy meets Ibrahim the Syrian in Beirut

Sydney Weinberg in search of Roberto Bolano in Blanes

Barbara O Donnell was nurse on duty at the nearest hospital to the London Bombings

Ciaron Milton encounters a strange being on the road to Compostela

Ellis Byrne sleeps around in New York

Michael J Whelan reaches out to the desperate in Kosovo

Bernard O Rourke encounters a rarely spotted species of exhibitionist in a Dublin Park.