Pasolini – Film Review

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Pasolini– Film Review by Frank L.

Directed Abel Ferrara

Stars: Willem Dafoe, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ninetto Davoli

Pier Paolo Pasolini was murdered in 1975. Precisely what happened is not free from doubt. His body was found on a beach near Rome, Pasolini’s own Alfa Romeo having been driven over it. A young hustler, with whom Pasolini had had dinner, confessed to the killing. However almost thirty years later he retracted his confession and implicated three other young men. Therefore mystery surrounds the murder of Pasolini. Ferrara sets the film in the last days of Pasolini’s life. He was working away at a novel, which the critics say is more or less unreadable and finishing the film “Salo”.

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