I will stand up (after Dara Bradley), by Kevin Higgins

(provoked of all things by a column in Friday’s Galway City Tribune)

I’m asking

for your vote to help make my lack

of a single original idea a reality;

have always been driven

by the possibility of having

a negative impact on people’s lives,

generally making things

that bit worse.  I’ve worked

in every corner of the universe

in public conveniences, designing

information systems

that mostly don’t function, routinely

breaking things. Whenever you have

talentless people,  bad decision making,

terrible leadership

anything can happen;

I’m living proof of that.

I want a government

as economically incompetent

as it is socially exclusive,

so my son will never

have to emigrate,

but yours probably will;

a country where we have hospitals

no one in their right mind

would dare visit,

schools that are all

prefabricated with roofs

that let the elements in

October through

February, especially on

five year olds; where we have

shattered communities

to which nobody belongs.

From my experience drawing down salaries

in both NGOs

and the private sector, I know

that by the poverty

of our common endeavour

we can achieve far less

than we ever would



KEVIN HIGGINS is the Bogmans Cannon Satirist-in-residence