There is no ATM at the foodbank, by Sean Breathnach

Leader of the Irish Labour Party - Joan Burton
Leader of the Irish Labour Party – Joan Burton

1] The Labour Party is the party of ‘secular’ Ireland.

2] The leader of the secular Labour Party had it’s smiling photograph taken yesterday as it cut the ribbon at a Food Bank owned and operated by the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin.

3] The ‘workers’ at the Food Bank are on a low-pay back-to-work TUS scheme operated by the Labour Party leader’s Department of Social Protection.

4] The leader of the Labour Party cares about food poverty the same way the Archdiocese of Dublin cares about food poverty.

5] There is no ATM at the Food Bank. There are no debit cards, cheque books or loans. Poor people don’t need such complications.

6] All food poverty supplicants should kneel before the low-paid charity staff of the Bishop-Minister with due deference and humility.

7] Let us pray, for the poor people, the Food Bank, and the leader of the Labour Party.

8] The Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin was party to the prolonged cover-up of child abuse, much of which occurred in ‘charity’ institutions set up by the Catholic Church to ‘help’ poor people.

9] You can score heroin and sleeping tablets in the park around the corner from the Food Bank.

10] If you stand on the roof of the Food Bank you can point out the various spots on the horizon where poor people have been shot dead over cocaine supplies for middle class people.

Sean Breathnach