African spectacle, the dioramas of New York’s American Museum of Natural Hist.

Arran Q Henderson

Tableau & Diorama iv (and the last in the current series on that theme)

I love many types of art, architecture, many types of spaces and places.  But for sheer drama and spectacle, for an extraordinary mix of art (the much underrated art of tableau-making) and of science,  this may be the most powerful room I’ve ever seen.

For example,  if you turn left upon entering the room,  (as many visitors seem instinctively to do)  then this is the very first thing you see…

Gorilla at AmMusNatHistory NYC Arran Henderson

It makes us think of jungles and of adventure stories, of Tarzan and Ryder Haggard.  If this doesn’t awaken your inner child, I don’t know what will.

There are literally dozen of these tableau at New York’s American Museum of Natural History.  Huge slabs of glass, set into the all of a darken hall (a double-Decker darkened hall, I shall later reveal)  All of them containing…

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