Macbeth – Film Review

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Macbeth – Film Review by Cormac Fitzgerald

Director: Justin Kurzel

Writer: Jacob Kosoff; Michael Lesslie; Todd Louiso; – adapted from play by William Shakespeare

Starring: Michael Fassbender; Marion Cotillard; Sean Harris; David Thewlis

It doesn’t take long for the blood to start falling in Macbeth. After burying their new born child (the first deviation from Shakespeare’s original play), Macbeth (Michael Fassbender) is off to battle the armies of the traitor MacDonwald in the name of King Duncan of Scotland. The ensuing battle is an intense, physical bloodbath, shot half in slow motion, not unlike previous films Gladiator or even 300. Macbeth is fierce on the battlefield, hacking down foot soldiers before cleaving the head clean off the rebel leader. It’s clear then from the off then that director Justin Kurzel is going straight for the jugular with this adaptation of the classic Shakespearean tragedy.

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