Acid Picasso and gentrification

Critical Dispatches

I very much likethis new Picassoesque mural by ItalianartistRenato Huntothat can be found on the Kentish Town Road in Camden, London. Behind the oppressive looking gate on which the piece has beensprayed, demolition crews are working to knock down the oldCamden Lock Village Marketto make way for a redevelopmentproject that is setto buildnew residential, retail and commercial spaces as well as a new primary school.

For the many Camden locals who welcomethe project as a rejuvenation of what had become a particularly dilapidated part of town, the redevelopment couldn’t have come soon enough. Other groups, however, have voiced the opinion that the loss of the market is just another example of ongoing corporate and political efforts to drive working class and low-income residents out of the city. These allegations follow the revelation that only 14 of the planned 170 living spaces will beconsideredasaffordableto the…

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