Cave Manifesto, by D Joyce Ahearne

cave manifesto

The Cave is an experiment in artistic humanism in the 21st century. The Cave wants the writer before the writing, not behind it. The Cave recognises art comes from an artist and not the reverse. The Cave is about human interaction and possibly artistic reaction. The Cave is the when and the where of the who of the what, creatively speaking. “I don’t believe in art. I believe in artists.” So said Duchamp. Agree, disagree, but come and tell us.

The Cave is conversation and contact. The Cave is cross-fertilisation with other creatives. The Cave is where we hatch serpent eggs under cockerels. The Cave is an incubator for artistic output so new it’s yet to be conceived. The Cave is where your creative consciousness gets a night off with other imaginative psyches and you wake up with an unshakeable case of the poems.

The Cave is a point of focus for those crafting terrible beauty and beautiful terror from our shared reality.

The Cave is where you find the creative forces behind the page and canvas. The Cave is where you come to see what the artists have to say for themselves. The Cave does not let the work speak for itself.

The Cave is reality snobbery, born of a refusal to speak to people in 140 characters or less. The Cave is as close to the bone of reality as a roomful of imagination victims will allow. The Cave is debate. The Cave is friends and enemies. Fight, fuck, love, hate. The Cave is revelling in the inexorable unpredictability of human relations.

The Cave is human inspiration. The Cave is where you find the human behind what you thought was abstract and then the abstraction behind what you thought was human.

The Cave is without a fixed address and thus without a bank account. The Cave is the pure and beautiful race of nomads. The Cave does not have public liability though it might be one.

The Cave is not an audience. The Cave does not have featured performers. The Cave is what it is where it is on any one night. Bring your readings, your writings, your own beer and most importantly yourself. Bring fine words and savagery.

The Cave endorses the use of fermented philosophy or anything that brings you to your inner speech and a sense of unity with the world. The Cave tends towards an orgasmic wholeness of being. Through art, through sex, through alcohol.

Bring your poems, your prose, your fragments of you and then drink with us and let us fall into the collective unconscious together and see what we find.