A open letter to Enda Kenny, Leo Varadkar and the rest of our Government, by Cáitín Ní Chormaic


My granny, Catherine Coffey of Thurles, Co. Tipperary turns 88 next month. She is an extremely independent woman and I am so proud of her.

Over the weekend she became sick and yesterday was diagnosed with pneumonia. Due to the shambles of a health system in this country she was told there was no bed available to her. Today two of her children drove her down to Nenagh hospital in hope she would receive the care and respect ALL people deserve. Instead she’s lying on a bed in a corridor having being moved numerous times in order to have her beside an electrical socket. The nurses are not to blame they are worked to the bone. You and your Government and Governments before you should be ashamed.

If this is the way we treat the older generation of this country then I know exactly why the young people of this country want to get out!!

I know in the governments files she is only one figure but to her children, twenty grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren she is so much more and deserves so much better. Our health system needs a radical change!!

So before you go to sleep tonight an Taoiseach, Minister Varadkar and the rest of the Governments ministers I hope ye spare a thought for my Granny and so many other people sleeping on corridors with no privacy and robbed of their dignity.

Oiche Mhaith