Arts community not as politically active as it should be, says Abbey director.

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Ireland’s arts community is not as politically active as it should be, according to Independent Senator and Director of the Abbey Theatre, Fiach Mac Conghail.

He was nonetheless encouraged by the involvement of artists in the marriage equality campaign and considered the “next challenge” is to repeal the anti-abortion amendment. The government, he also believed, is “belatedly waking up to the need to directly engage with citizens”.

Addressing a conference in Dublin of the Political Studies Association of Ireland, Mr Mac Conghail said the government’s failure to establish an independent electoral commission is “an absolute disgrace”.

Ireland is among a small minority of countries where elections continue to be managed by government. An independent Electoral Commission was promised in the coalition’s programme for government but Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly has said, while the government is committed to establishing a commission, it could not do so before the…

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