Victory for Clondalkin Equine Club, by Councillor Gino Kenny PB4P


Back in 2009 when I first got elected to the county council, one of the issues that I wanted to address was the welfare of horses in Clondalkin. A lot of negativity was associated with urban horse ownership – some of it was warranted, much of it preconceived and misconceived.

The local authority was spending fortunes every year in not only seizing horses but ultimately euthansising the vast majority of horses impounded. This situation was not justifiable on financial or welfare grounds.

Three years ago and Roisin Kearney arranged a public meeting in Bawnogue to try to organise horse owners in Clondalkin into collectively addressing the situation with impounding of horses. From this meeting the Clondalkin Equine Project was born.

Over the course of three years the Clondalkin Equine Club as it became later known has worked tirelessly trying to persuade and campaign for a social horse project in the locality. These three years of grind and sheer determination have finally borne fruit with the announcement this Thursday by SDCC of a permanent location for the club.

The one factor that has defined the CEC is that it was never ever going to give up no matter what setbacks it encountered along the way. Some of the most dedicated people I have ever met have been the driving force behind the club. Roisin Kearney, Glenn Walsh, Derek Denton, Wesley Doyle,  John Quinn, Elayne Mooney, Paul Devlin, Debbie Glover and others.

A special mention must go to Michelle Kearns of the Dolcain Project. Michelle’s support and knowledge has been unwavering over the course of the three years. She has been that metaphorical rock!!

On a personal note I’m confident that this is the beginning of something special not only for horse owners but the community as a whole. It has been an hard and arduous road thus far, but the great journey is only beginning…. Let’s Build and create the best social horse project in Ireland and Have Human Horse Harmony.