Irish Traveller Movement Calls for Solidarity Vigils – Together let’s marginalise the racist minority


Southside Traveller Action Group will organise a public / open candlelight vigil to be held at 7.30pm on Wed, Oct 14th outside the fire site in Carrickmines and invite all communities who have expressed support for the families deceased and those left homeless by the fire last Saturday.

Schools, local clubs and community groups in Carrickmines and Bray in which some of the children were involved are being welcomed as well as Traveller groups and the wider community who wish to pay their respects and express solidarity for the grieving families. Other civic society and human rights groups are being called to attend to show their solidarity and support.

Garda will be assisting traffic in the area and supporting the coordination of the vigil on Glenamuck Road.
ITM is calling, where possible, for local Traveller organisations to attend to show support this vigil.
Where it is not possible, we are asking for similar vigils to be organised across the country on Wednesday night at the same time to create spaces for both communities, Traveller & non-Traveller, to come together. If vigils, cannot take place tomorrow they can be arranged at at time & date that is convenient for organisers. We would ask that where possible that vigils should be publicised within the community and with invitations extended across your area to create ways for as many people as possible in your area to show their support and solidarity.

Can people share this as widely as possible. Given today’s protest against emergency accommodation, it shows that a tiny minority still exist that lack empathy for people who have suffered the most unspeakable losses.

We need to show tomorrow night that those people are in the minority.