Why we’re here


In April 1986 in the downstairs lounge of the Stag’s Head Bar in Dublin, Graph was launched. It was a time of record unemployment, high emigration, widespread political self-censorship in the media, particularly in relation to Northern Ireland, and mounting despair about a society whose ambitions and perspectives were dispiritingly narrow. The purpose of the magazine was to provide a forum for a spectrum of voices that were marginalised or simply ignored on a range of cultural, political and social issues. The aim was to break with the groupthink and the cultures of fear and the bullying consensualism that had come to dominate the public sphere in Ireland. More than a quarter of a century later, there are unprecedented levels of unemployment, thousands are leaving the country every year, the major media outlets are wholly subervient to a debilitating consensus around the necessary destruction of public goods and there is…

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