The Foxrock Tragedy, by Billy O Hanluain

Imagine a mansion blaze in Foxrock, ten charred graduate bodies. Imagine six Travellers falling from a Berkeley Balcony. Imagine nobody willing to accommodate the survivors of the leafy inferno. Imagine twenty four hour media coverage of the repatriation of the Travellers from Berkeley, like slain Presidents. Imagine the local authorities negotiating with residents of Deansgrange and Blackrock who refused to allow survivors of flame licked Foxrock to temporarily stay there. Imagine A 4 sized photos of the six Travellers in the national press, profiling their lives to date and speculating on their futures cut short by the fall. Imagine the charred graduates, identifiable only by dental records, being dropped from the radio bulletins only a week after they had died. Imagine panels of expert engineers and architects analysing the design faults of the balcony from where the travellers fell. Imagine the victims of Foxrock being met with couched sympathy and not action. Imagine benefit concerts and interviews with friends and teachers of the Travellers, Imagine knowing their names. Imagine an ex President intervening to criticise how Travellers are portrayed in the media. Imagine an address was a place where you lived and not a passport to privilege or exemption. Imagine a strange new Republic where all the children of the Nation were cherished equally; I wonder if you can.