All Out for Palestine-War Memorial 7/11/2015. Derry-Anti-War-Coalition


Since the beginning of October alone 75 Palestinians have been brutally murdered by both illegal settlers and their protectors in the Israeli Defense Forces. Among the dead was an 8 month old child Ramadan Thawabta gassed by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank town of Beit Fajjar. Every day brings fresh humiliation to the Palestinian people. The West Bank is illegally occupied according to International Law, yet tens of thousands of Israeli settlers continue their land grab, supported by a right wing government and an army funded by the West. Our governments must bear some of the responsibility for the deaths and intolerable conditions that life under this brutal occupation brings.

Israeli Prime Minister Nettanyahu has recently rewritten history and blamed Palestinians for the Nazi holocaust. He has publicly stated that he will continue the settlements and defend all the land. He completely rejects any notion of Palestinian Statehood or self governance. This is in clear breach of International Laws and Treaties yet the silence from Whitehall and Washington is deafening. Our rulers continue to fund and arm Israel to the tune of billions. Nettanyahu relies on this status quo continuing no matter how many children his armies kill.

Palestinian villages are being bull-dozed to make way for settlements. Water is diverted away from Palestinian farmers to illegal settlements, crops are destroyed and life is made impossible. Ultra-Zionists are attempting to colonise what remains of Palestine. Those Palestinians who resist in any small way risk imprisonment without trial, torture and death. While settler activity and the actions of their guards in the Israeli Army rarely gets condemned in the Western Media, any resistance from Palestinians is deemed as ‘terrorism’.

We cannot leave the people of Palestine to face these horrors alone. We have an active boycott movement in place, where we encourage shoppers to never buy goods produced in Israel, but we also need on street action to show our solidarity.

The Derry Anti War Coalition call on the people of this town to take to the streets for Palestine on Saturday 7th November. We will gather at the War Memorial at the Diamond at 2pm . This action has received the support of several other organisations. We would like to thank Jewish Voice for Just Peace, Unison Trade Union-Community Branch, People Before Profit-Derry and the North West Regional College Students Union. There will be speakers from these organisations as well as from the DAWC.

Many activists from Derry have traveled to Palestine over the years and strong connections have been made. The Palestinian people depend on our support and solidarity in the battle for their very existence. All are welcome to this demonstration.