A Quick Word of Advice

Kate Ennals

I am told to do things that do not compute and to be earnest. Colum McCann told me that. Well, a facilitator gave me a hand-out that told me that. ‘Transcend the personal’, ‘make justice from reality’. My spirit was lowered as his one liners of advice continued. At least at the end, Colum wrote that he tells me this with love, so I do something else he tells me to do and persevere.

It has long amused me how successful writers discuss, pin point, and like to explain about the complexity of writing. Writers often tell us about their own processes of writing as if they have found their holy grail and are following it diligently with honour, gratitude, slavish prayer and a smug ‘fuck you’ face. Of course, as a new or ‘young’ writer (as Colum describes me despite my tender age…

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