Gullers Travels goes to Kilkenomics: Da politics of political inclusion

Degree of Uncertainty.

In the first of many blog posts on one of middle Irelands increasingly frantic attempts to distract themselves from dat slow descent into existential crisis that is wakening up to the effects of austerity an all those structural reforms, reforming the structure of our society quietly and efficiently with economic policy. Which as Bill Black explained, austerity is designed to do, while pointing out its really another way of saying ‘attacking workers rights’. Economics is politics is economics. It’s also another word for ‘Dismantle the welfare state’ and ‘Attack and re-brand the working class as under class to scare the middle’.
Austerity is called the road to Bangladesh, it takes a first world country to third in about fifteen years -Bill Black
As that economic policy takes us from a 1st to 3rd world country. An the 3rd world country part ain’t opinion that’s from Bill Black, world famous economist…

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