TO PARIS—a month of news on my phone

Tues 13 Oct 21.14

Colima ex-Governor’s attackers identified/Playboy to cease publishing naked women/Cristiano, first to win 4 Golden Boots

Wed 14 Oct 21.01

No payment for 85,296 teachers that will miss work on Monday/2016 models contain faulty software: VW/Cristiano earns more than Messi in Spain

Thurs 15 Oct 18.56

Inquiry into release of El Chapo escape vid now underway/Latino students clash with Trump supporters/Samurai cuts baseball at speed of 160 kmph

Fri 16 Oct 17.06/20.57

Parque México cordoned off—another dog dies from possible poisoning/Hillary demands end to Trump Mexico aggression/Woman gives birth during flight

Sat 17 Oct 21.17

100,000 Mexicans escaped from “extreme poverty” during 2014: CONVEAL/Trump did deals with Mafia: Washington Post/Obama crashes wedding

Sun 18 Oct 21.02

Last night’s Acapulco ambush not aimed at me: Governor Elect/Paris Hilton gets trapped in elevator/92 years of Disney in 92 seconds

Mon 19 Oct 16.24/20.55

Corpse hung from bridge in Iztapalapa/US to halt Mexico aid due to human rights abuse/Britney’s clothes torn during show

Tues 20 Oct 17.14/20.38

DF business-owners threatened for reporting extortion/PGR & CIDH to re-launch search for Ayotzinapa normalistas/Brace for Chicharito vs. Roma

Wed 21 Oct 21.20

El Chapo fell from cliff during chase: CNN/Islamic State planned 17 attacks against US during 2014/Back to the Future 2—what didn’t come to pass

Thurs 22 Oct 18.34

Retired teachers denounce fraud/See how a bicycle can be robbed in mere seconds in city centre/Allow yourself to be amazed by the wonders of Michoacán

Fri 23 Oct 11.09

Special alert—Hurricane Patricia is very dangerous. It will hit the states of Colima, Jalisco and Nayarit. Follow recommendations from Civil Protection Authorities

Fri 23 Oct 20.44

Hurricane Patricia now off the coast of Mexico. Stay indoors: EPN/15 thousand evacuated in Colima/This is what the hurricane looks like from space

Sun 25 Oct 20.37

Schools to re-open on Monday in Jalisco, Colima and Nayarit/Floating baby saved from sea/Nobody gets to The White House without Latino vote: Ricky Martin

Mon 26 Oct 20.22

Stop blaming government for Ayotzinapa: Osorio/Ham and sausages cause cancer: WHO/Museo Soumaya reaches 5 million visitors

Tues 27 Oct 17.13/20.32

DF ready for medicinal marihuana: Mancera/Brutal arrest of US schoolgirl in classroom/Who’s more easily scared: men or women?

Wed 28 Oct 17.02

5 metro stations re-open on Line 12/Bus passengers now travelling with firearms for protection in Mexico State & DF/Footballer celebrates goal with magic trick

Thurs 29 Oct 17.31/19.57

Raúl Castro to visit Mexico in November/This is how F1 drivers unwind before race/Michoacán invites you to spend The Day of the Dead

Fri 30 Oct 19.57

29 arrest warrants issued against teachers/US to send troops to Syria to fight Jihadists/First day of F1 trials

Sat 31 Oct 20.01

Russian plane crashes with 224 passengers on board/Rosberg in pole position in Mexico GP/Meet the F1 drivers and crews

Sun 1 Nov 20.02

F1 to bring in 2,000 million dollars in 5 years/Russian plane came apart in mid air/Pope to visit Mexico on 12 February: Cardinal Rivera

Mon 2 Nov 20.04

In 3 days 300,000 attended F1 GP and left 400 million dollars: SECTUR/Vatican detains 2 for release of documents/Evolution of human face in 1 minute

Tues 3 Nov 16.57/20.00

46 million counterfeit cigarettes destroyed in DF/Differences between male and female orgasms/Youth beaten to death by Necaxa fans

Wed 4 Nov 18.05/19.37

Court approves recreational marihuana usage for 4 individuals/US believes Jihadists placed bomb on Russian plane/Flying car to hit markets in 2017

Thurs 5 Nov 19.21

Mexico ready for drugs debate: Osorio/Thanks to you I’m a feminist: Malala to Emma Watson/87 year-old Mickey Mouse film discovered

Fri 6 Nov 15.58

EPN welcomes Cuban President Raúl Castro/Landslides in Santa Fe affect these celebrties/She’s 9 years old, she lives in Nezahualcóyotl and she’s a champion boxer

Sat 7 Nov 19.36

Agustín Basave elected president of PRD/Pablo Escobar was in business with Frank Sinatra: drug lord’s son/These 5 nominated for 2015 Goal of the Year

Sun 8 Nov 19.41

PGR failed to comply with obligations in Ayotzinapa case: CNDH/Cristiano Ronaldo was an unwanted child: mother/This is how men’s fashion has evolved over last 100 years

Mon 9 Nov 18.25/20.13

I reject the legalisation of marihuana, but I’m open to a debate: EPN/Obama joins Facebook/Footballer gets angry and hits referee

Tues 10 Nov 17.35/21.26

300 metres more of landslide area closed off in Santa Fe/PRI proposes legalisation of medicinal marihuana in Senate/Rooney slaps WWE wrestler in face

Wed 11 Nov 15.33/21.27

Protesting campesinos take control of Revolution Monument/Pope will visit DF, Michoacán, Chiapas & Chihuahua/Jennifer Lawrence trips on red carpet

Thurs 12 Nov 21.10

Almost 150 thousand teachers to sit examination this Saturday/Islamic State threatens to attack Russia very soon/Meet Ana Ivanovic, the sexiest tennis player

Fri 13 Nov 19.31

At least 60 dead and 100 injured, gunshots and explosions in Paris, most violent events to hit France in decades

Fri 13 Nov 22.31

153 dead from 7 attacks in Paris: CNN/France’s response will be merciless: Hollande/As of this moment no Mexican citizen reported among dead