Statement from Paul Murphy TD re Property Tax

In the last couple of days six journalists have contacted me about the same issue. Is it the fact that for the first time in the history of the state a radical left force (AAA-PBP) has gone ahead of the Labour Party in an opinion poll, with 9% to Labour’s 7%? Is it about the effective collapse of the inquiry into the IBRC and Siteserv scandal? Is it about the incredible spin that Irish Water has been putting out to hide the reality that over 50% of people boycotted the latest bills?

No, it’s about the fact that I sold my apartment, in order to move to Tallaght as I had promised to move to Dublin South West, and therefore was forced to pay the property tax. This is really not news. Any journalists who knew that I sold my apartment in May could have worked out that I had to pay the property tax, because it is simply not possible to transfer property without doing it. I am now part of vast majority of those who were boycotting the property tax who have since been forced to pay – either it was taken from their pay slips by Revenue, they were forced to pay in order to get a tax clearance cert or they had to pay in order to sell their house.

For all of us who were forced to pay the property tax, it doesn’t mean that we accept it or agree with it. Our opposition is as strong as ever and one of the first things that a left government would do is abolish the property tax. It’s just a fact that because of the draconian undemocratic powers given to Revenue that they forced people to pay. But the government is paying a price for that robbery of the property tax – it is one of the reasons why the opposition to water charges is so strong, because here Revenue is not involved.

What’s the message of these stories? It is this – opposition is futile – there is no alternative – get back in your box and pay your water charges. You are meant to read that I was forced to pay his property tax and think, “they’re all the same” and “in the end we’ll have to pay water charges too.” Neither of those things are true.

The water charges are not the property tax. Revenue is not involved. They cannot deduct it from your wages. Over 50% continue to boycott despite all the scaremongering and propaganda. We beat water charges before with mass non-payment, forcing a Fine Gael/Labour/Democratic Left government to abolish.

We will beat them again – build the boycott, stop the meters, protest and stay organised!

reposted from Paul Murphy TD