New Spoken Word Vids from Teen Sensations, Sisters Molly and Lilly Rose Fitzmaurice

Last month Colm Keegan and myself performed together at the Imagine Arts Festival in Waterford. After our show finished we met two very talented and intelligent sisters who I believe to have everything it takes to be future stars of Irish Spoken word/Live poetry: Molly Fitzmaurice(19) and Lily Rose Fitzmaurice(17).    Here’s some more about them and a selection of their work, enjoy.    Karl Parkinson.

I’m Molly Fitz, nineteen, born in London, grew up in Ireland and now studying in Amsterdam, a result of my ego’s need to be special and different. At eight years old I told my dad I was going to be a writer, wrote a twenty page novel called ‘Sarah and her magic pencil’ and thought that was it yet throughout the years, I practiced unintentionally, using writing as a means of finding my thoughts, God knows how many napkins are scattered in bins and on floors with my heart and soul poured onto them (Am I stereotypical enough? My favourite writer is Beckett if that helps add to the image). I do not intend to sound pretentious in this, only honest, and in all truth, writing helps me find silence. My head is very loud, I drink too much coffee, the written word slows me down. It is and at once, a strange comfort and coldness, I become very alone in words, yet at the same time, poignantly free. Contact:


I was born in London but grew up in the rural countryside of Wexford.   My father went to the London Academy School for Acting.  He always inspired myself along with my two sisters to write and perform, from as young as five years old.  I became interested in spoken word when I was fifteen when I discovered poets such as Rudy Francisco, Katie Makkai and Lacey Roop.   I found writing poetry to be extremely cathartic and a true form of expression.  My first spoken word poem was ‘Starfish’ – I had been to Kolkata with the Hope Foundation.  I wrote it for the “She is” Campaign which sought to highlight the rights of women not to be physically or sexually abused and the right to education.  Since then I have written a collection of roughly 50 poems. Contact:
Hairless Cat
Baking Snowflakes
House of a hoarder