Some Questions for 1% Zuckerberg and his fans, by Memet Uludag

Buying yourself a brand new world? There may be some things money can’t buy. For everything else there is no master card either…

The feeling of holding your new born baby in your arms is priceless. It is probably the most unique feeling one can have. It fills you with hope, joy and makes you think of the future, not necessarily all joyful thoughts but also pensive questions and fears.

For some ‘what if?’, like ‘what if I lose my job?’, or ‘what if I can’t pay the rent?’ are more than academic mind games, and these enter ones mind while the emotional storm of holding your newborn in your arms makes your heart explode…

We are only human, our emotions, fears, hopes are all part of us, and so are the realities we live in.

I wish Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan the best. What a joy to have a baby.

One must admit their sentiments for a different – a better world – is one that many people share.

The question of ‘what’ is sometimes easier to answer than the questions of ‘how’ and ‘why’.

And here are some thoughts and questions – with the hope of not spooling the joy the 99% giveaway announcement has created.

How does one accumulate 45 billion USD wealth?

How do the stock markets and shares operate? Is it an honest day’s work for honest day’s pay or international speculative bidding? Buy-sell type of trading. How does a share go from 10 quid to 20 or vice versa?

Who/what creates this wealth?

Do we change the world by becoming super wealthy first and then using our money to influence change? Just asking.

Who decides what to change and how best change is achieved? Democracy of the money/wealth or democracy of people power? What if these two powers disagree?

Can, for example, ‘inequality’ – among many other miseries – created by the current system, (called capitalism) be solved using the mechanisms and the logic of the same system? A system which in turn – and at the same time as creating a lot of miseries – also creates the wealth of billions for some and absolute nothing for many millions?

Is there not a – mathematically speaking – a circular reference of unsolvable nature where the outcome of an equation is also the input to it? Capitalism creates miseries, but using capitalism to eliminate these miseries. Surely 99% of some billions is capitalism isn’t it?

For example, If you have money, you can pay Facebook to advertise your campaigns. It pops up right on your page. If you don’t, good luck, you depend on people sharing. Is for example, a campaign with money a better or more just or more important campaign than the one without money?

Does money judge importance or significance? Sure money can buy you advertisement space, including for things that – well – are not always good for you. But what you if you don’t have the money?

If, let’s say, workers in a company want to get organised, form a union and demand better pay and conditions. Obviously this means, some reduction on the billions as profit. Surely the workers are also keen to have a better lives for their children. Should the company respect the workers’ demands and recognise their union, should the workers be given what they need etc..? Surely it is better to earn proper wages than hope for charity…

Take for example the workers in Bangladesh. We all know the conditions they live and work in. They make clothing for us to wear. Should the companies employing these workers pay them proper salaries or should they wait till enough profits are made and then ask for charity?

Should multinational corporations / government return the ownership of all natural resources to the people of Africa or make profits from these and then, at a time of their choosing give the people charitable support? Which is right, which is sustainable?

How will a system, implicitly and explicitly operate in a self destructive and self denying way? If it can’t, how can we expect capitalism to solve the miseries of this world without rejecting itself? Well can and will they reject themselves, the capitalists? Or is it more like this system must be gotten rid of and replaced by something else, by the very class it exploits first, and offers charity to, sometimes?